How do I get 4K image from Camera with Android

Hi, I am new to OpenCV and Android.

Recently I am studying Image Process with OpenCV with Android Phone.
I got some good resources about OpenCV through using google.

So, I can get an image(1920x1080) from the Camera with OpenCV.
and I convert the image from RGB to HSV.

but, I can not get 4K image from the Camera.
My Android Phone is “Samsung A90” and the Camera Support high resolution.
“4000x3000”, “3264x2448”, “3280x2464” and “3840x2160”.

if I change the source of OpenCV, I can get 4K image.

private void onEnterStartedState() {
    Log.d(TAG, "call onEnterStartedState");
    /* Connect camera */
    if (!connectCamera(getWidth(), getHeight())) {  //change to 3840, 2160


but I do not want to change the source.

Maybe, the Display Resolution of the Phone give some effect on the resolution.

If anyone has any solution, please let me know.

Best Regards