How do we use python OpenCV Track Bar in Django or HTML web app

Please help me find solution, I am creating image processing project where user can choose level for their image processing using track bar in qeb application . Please help me out finding solutions

you can’t. opencv’s trackbars only work on the host machine (gui would run on the server).

html5 has proper sliders builtin ,
you’ll have to send back your values, see the example there

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Yeah, I’ve tried that once but I didn’t get any result, if there’s an example, please help me with simple example in python please.

pen & paper, try to model your data / work flow.

there must be tons of django examples for up/downloading images, please look it up, this is entirely off-topic here.

however, once you’re down to processing the image on the server, we can help you again

Thanks for the reply I will try.