How findHomography works with RHO?

Hi there, I have this doubt:

RHO method is a PROSAC implementation to find the homography.

PROSAC prioritizes matches by quality. I use descriptor distance as match quality, but findHomography doesn’t have this parameter.

How does findHomography with RHO prioritizes matches? Is it supposed matches are already ordered by quality? Is there a quality evaluation specific to homography?

Thank you!

May you can add neighborhood constraint

I’m answering my own question.

Reading this code, I.m pretty sure RHO method assumes matches are ordered by quality, being the first the best.

So, if you get matches from descriptor matchers, descriptor distance is an excellent choice as quality measure. Your DMatch object already has the distance property. You should preprocess your DMatch vector by sorting it by distance, before feeding it to findHomography with rho method.