How to capture video from a WiFi/IP Camera on Windows 10 in C++

New to OpenCV, I’ve been following youtube tutorials to get a project up and running. As per the title, my goal is to capture video from a WiFi connected camera on Windows 10 in C++. Specifically this camera from Freenove.

I’ve got the camera working and can view the video feed by typing in an IP address in my browser and I’ve successfully captured video from a USB webcam on my desktop in OpenCV. What I can’t seem to do is capture the video from the IP of the Freenove WiFi camera in OpenCV. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

you’d have to know how that stream is done, i.e. figure out what software runs on that thing, or inspect that web page it serves, and find the URL for the video itself.

Good thinking, I inspected the web page and got a URL from the video that actually works in OpenCV. Thanks!