How to change the Mat-Datatype to Pixelvalues?

Hello everybody,

I’ve written a program, wich saves an image to an opencv-Mat (Mat_Test_1).

If I debug, i can see, that there’s just one single value stored in “” (for example “W1!” / “87”).

When I use cv::imshow, the Image gets displayed correctly.

But I need to transform this single value in multiple Pixel-Values.

For example, “Mat_Test_2. data” should contain “Y1 Y1Y1Y1Y1Y0X0…” and so on.
A workaround, which works is the following:

cv::imwrite("test.png", Mat_Test_1);
Mat_Test_2 = cv::imread("test.png", cv::IMREAD_COLOR);

But this is too slow to be done with 30fps or sth.