How to check if 2 images are same?

Any library function or tutorial to check if 2 images r same/similar?
Thx in advance!

question is far too broad. please tell, what you try to achieve here (the purpose of it, the problem to solve), thank you

It’s like a QR code type app but with images.
I draw a symbol, take a pic & link image and some data.
When I scan the symbol, linked data should be displayed.
Trying for fun :slight_smile:

“detection of hand drawn symbols” is actually a thing. google it

I don’t want a model that needs to be trained with the symbol to recognise the stuff.
Just a library to check if 2 images r same/similar.

that still requires an enormous amount of work. it’s either AI (deep learning) or something comparable.

“similar” is very much not similar when one picture is hand-drawn and the other is not.