How to detect logo

How to know with OpenCV if an image is a logo or a natural image ?

wouldn’t that be more like "how to classify (not detect) an image
as a logo or a natural image ?

(detection can be handled with template matching or cascade classifiers)


As @berak said, this problem is called “classification”, in your case with two classes, like 0 for Logo, 1 for Natural.

Computer vision is about building a pipeline of computer vision functions to an end. In each step of the pipeline you decide to look for something specific, and ask for help or opinions about the best function to achieve that step. There is no cv.classifyLogo(im)

On top of that, the actual approach depends heavily on the nature of the images, so posting some images from your real problem help people to understand it.

The general classification problem tends to be solved with deep learning. But beware, “deep learning” is not a solution, is a discipline to learn and master.

So, it would be great if you share your thoughts with us, telling what approach you are considering and sharing some pictures.

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