How to determine the camera pose based on extrinsic parameters

Good day OpenCV-Community,

I am currently working on the subject of camera calibration. there is one point that I have not yet understood.

Suppose I have calibrated my camera with N-images on which a checkerboard can be seen in different positions and orientations. After the calibration I get the intrinsic parameters. Furthermore I get the extrinsic parameters rvec and tvec for each image. If I now want to determine the camera pose, which of the different rvec’s and tvec’s should I use?

Do I need to average rvec and tvec to determine the camera pose as accurately as possible?

I hope someone can give me some advice.

please be aware, that those poses are only valid wrt camera <–> calibration board.
once you finished calibration (and probably (re)moved those, the poses are meaningless)

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Thank you for your advice. But assuming we have multiple cameras and we calibrate them separately, we obtain for each camera the rvec’s and tvec’s for each image. Now i want to use one camera as reference for the other cameras, then i have to calculate the transformation matrices based on rvec’s and tvec’s, or not?