How to determine the center coordinate of an ArUco marker board?

I have a 2 * 3 ArUco markerboard, and I want to know the transformation (rotation and translation vectors) from the center of the board (the blue dot in the picture) to the camera. By calling estimatePoseBoard function, we can easily get rvec and tvec, but I think here rvec and tvecare transformations from the bottom left corner of the board to the camera. So how can we get the rotation and translation vectors of the geometric center of the markerboard? Any help is appreciated.

same as always. compose transformations by matrix multiplication.

define the translation from dot frame to board frame. multiply it onto the transformation you have for your board.

multiplying from the left and from the right have different effects.

you’ll want to make convenience functions that convert between rvec+tvec and 4x4 matrix.

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Thank you. Your answer is very helpful to me.