How to disable tracking module while building OpenCV?

I’ve been trying to build the latest version of OpenCV 4.5.2 with OpenVINO 2021.3
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
opencv: 4.5.2-openvino
opencv_contrib: 4.5.2
opencv_extra: 4.5.2

make is failing at around 80% when it tries to build module “tracking”.
fatal error: opencv2/video/detail/tracking.detail.hpp: No such file or directory
#include “opencv2/video/detail/tracking.detail.hpp”

Which cmake flag do I need to pass to disable building of this module?

Thanks in advance.

i doubt, that this exists
(but there seems to be a version mismatch between your main and the contrib opencv repo)

Sorry my bad, I’ll edit that one. Its actually 4.5.2-openvino.
By the way I found the flag. Its “DBUILD_opencv_tracking=OFF”.
Also, “stereo” got auto disabled as a dependency of tracking.