How to divide spectrums?

Hey there guys, i am new here. I am trying to implement some deblurring mechanisms. I’ve succesfully used mulSpectrums() but couldn’t find divSpectrums(). How to implement divSpectrums? Can someone give some tips or share their code?

I’m not aware of a “divSpectrums”. if you’d like to implement that, I’m sure the opencv developers would welcome a pull request.

this might be of interest:

I’ve found this method - opencv/phasecorr.cpp at 94f00cf09694c38407cce23ed9fea288ab622b0f · opencv/opencv · GitHub
Now whats left is to translate it to C# :smiley:

haha it exists but isn’t exposed! that’s weird.

if you think it does the right thing and should become public, please do open an issue on github about it. it looks to be very useful. maybe someone else will supply the pull request, maybe they’ll convince you to DIY.

also in that file there are useful methods like fftshift. Me 2, i dont understand why they are internal

opened an issue, maybe someone will do it

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