How to draw a vertical line on a line in opencv python

hi guys
i have a simply question
i have a line from point x1 to point x2
(cv2.line(image, x1,x2.(1,1,1))
how can i draw a vertical line (90" degree) on this line ? and is there a way that red line show with dash lines ? and red line only show top of black line (not bottom of that (like attached image))12


Getting the coordinates of the red line is a basic geometry problem, just do your homework. There are lots of resources on the internet.

Concerning the dashed line, there is no function for that in OpenCV.

you can find a sample c++ code in this page Detach blobs with a contact point - OpenCV Q&A Forum

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i found solution :slight_smile:

    wndname = "Line Drawing Demo"
    width, height = 500, 500
    image = np.zeros((height, width, 3), dtype = np.uint8)
    cv.line(image, [100,100], [200,200], (255,255,255), 1)
    cv.line(image,(aX,aY), (bX,bY), (250,0,0),2)
    vX = bX-aX
    vY = bY-aY
    mag = math.sqrt(vX + vY)
    vX = vX / mag
    vY = vY / mag
    temp = vX
    vX = 0-vY
    vY = temp
    cX = bX + vX * length
    cY = bY + vY * length
    dX = bX - vX * length
    dY = bY - vY * length

    cv.line(image,(bX,bY), (int(dX),int(dY)), (0,0,255),2)
    cv.imshow(wndname, image)