How to draw barcodes with cv::polylines function

How to draw barcodes with cv::polylines function?

cv::Ptr<cv::barcode::BarcodeDetector> detector = cv::makePtr<cv::barcode::BarcodeDetector>();
bool result = detector->detectAndDecode(imageInputBgr, decoded_info, decoded_format, points);
cv::polylines(imageOutputBgr, points, true, cv::Scalar(0,0,255)); // show error

exact error, please …

it also wont draw a barcode, just the rect containing it, see docs

and for sure, you will have to check result, before …

i converted this variable [ points ] from :

cv::Mat points;


std::vector<cv::Point> points;

and now my problem solved.

I really do not know what is wrong, “qt-creator” does not show error [I used to work with Visual Studio, it shows error message, no problem; But here in qt-creator this is my big problem]

How to fix this problem (not displaying error message)?

Picture of my project error :