How to find description/details/notes on dnn.forward()?

Basically I am trying to understand what is returned by cv::dnn::Net::forward?

so for example dnn.forward returns
[[[[0.00000000e+00 1.00000000e+00 9.72869813e-01 2.06566155e-02 1.11088693e-01 2.40461200e-01 7.53399074e-01]]]]

what does the index position 0 is about? I am trying to find that out
I understood the rest index position 1 gives you class label which can be ID or Class name
Index position 2 is the confidence of the detected class by the network
index position[3:7] is about bounding boxes location and sizes(width and height) respectively

Can anyone please explain? thanks

what network are you running?


I googled some and the best I found was this from some matlab code:

[img_id, class_id, confidence, left, bottom, right, top]

(DNN: Face Detection)

in general, net.forward returns you the values from the specified output layer.