How to get specific wavelength bands from a .tiff UAV image

I use UAV .tif images gathered from a sensor that uses: 550nm, 660nm, 735nm, 790nm. I need however, to do some calculations with the channels: 531nm and 570nm. Is it possible to get the channels I want from that image? From the few I know these sensors have a bandwidth for each band, so 550 +/- something, 660 +/- something etc… And the idea is to isolate the bands 531, 570 somehow…! How can I achieve this?

why are you asking “how” when you don’t know whether it’s possible?

do you understand how the sensor makes pictures?

the sensor has different filters on different pixels.

each filter filters the EM spectrum.

a pixel has just one value. intensity. the filter on top of it gives that pixel a view of the EM spectrum.

given the resulting spectrum of one filter, you can’t distinguish one nanometer of bandwidth from another.

the pixel has one value.

(if you’re puzzled why pixels have one value, not four, look up bayer patterns)

I hope you understand now that what you are asking is impossible.

no, there is no magic that will “somehow” give you an approximation. it’s physically nonsensical.

if you really need what you say you need, you need a different sensor, meaning different color filters. physical filters, that are built into the camera (onto the sensor surface)

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do you have a link to the sensor hw / sw ?
how does it generate tiffs ?
did you inspect the output ? can you see, how many planes or such are in there ?
is it possible, to convert one of the images web-friendly, and show us ?