How to handle water reflections and overexposed images

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to remove water reflections and to correct overexposed images in some images for a object detection project.
I tried to slighty smooth the image to remove high frequency noise/not relevant details using Gaussian filter, and then to use CLAHE in the Y component of YUV color space and also in the Luminance channel of Lab space, trying several parameters but seems not to work. The reflections are not reduced so much and also the constract is not adjusted and moreover I notice that the overall quality of the image is worsening (the water details are enhanced and I notice that also some unwanted artefacts are created).
I report in the following some screens to show what’s happening. ​

I kept clipLimit parameter and the size of the filter to small values in order to not enhance too much the noise/details, but even with clipLimit=1 the result is very bad.

Am I doing something wrong? In case do you have any advice ?

Use raw data if you can, the artefacts on the water are due to compression. Also, you could try a polarized light filter over the camera lens to reduce the glare.

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