How to read from a video file 1 frame from every 2 seconds of video

I am using the .net library (sorry did not find a .net option in the topics), and trying to use the VideoCapture class to capture one frame from every 2 seconds of video.

Is this possible through API (without capturing at top speed and dropping the frames I do not want - so I save processor load)?

Thank you for your time.

Sorry to have bothered you, but I found my answer, I ended up doing something like the following:

            var capture = new VideoCapture(videoFile, VideoCaptureAPIs.ANY);
            var image = new Mat();

            long milliseconds = 0;
            while (capture.IsOpened())

                // do my processing 

                // forward by milliseconds
                milliseconds += 2000;
                capture.Set(VideoCaptureProperties.PosMsec, milliseconds);