How to record Slow Motion video in higher FPS (240 or 960 fps) in openCV


How to record video in slow motion with higher (240 or 960) fps?
I have tried using VideoWriter shown below and when video properties is checked it only shows fps is 960 but it does not seem 960 frames in 1 second. I am trying to record a running fan.

960, size)

Second option:
I have also tried to set cv2.waitKey(milliseconds) but this method also does not work.

Camera used:
I am using webcam Kreo owl, click here for more details

Alternate cross-check:
I also tried to record the same from an Android mobile with 960 fps and it really works.

Let me know if I am doing any thing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Neeraj Dhekale

As the camera can only do 60 fps, it is obviously impossible to record with it at 240 or 960 fps…