How to save SVM models trained by python and use it Android for prediction?

# define svm classifier model
model = SVC(kernel='linear', probability=True), labels)

how to save it and use it on android kotlin

this is not from opencv, we can’t help you

(and besides, what is a `#define’ doing in your python code ?)

however, assuming, you use opencv’s SVM for this,
you’d save the trained model:"my.yml")

and later, you’d build a new one from the yml:

svm = ml.SVM.load("my.yml")

main problem on android is, that your saved yml
will end up somewhere in the assets
(or elsewhere in the zipped apk,
where opencv’s C functions cannot read it,
so 1st thing you need to do is copy it to tmp, sdcard or such)

#define is a comment line

tutorial for OpenCV’s SVM (contains code in three selectable languages):

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