How to sent image of the child thread to the main thread for display in Qt

I use opencv 4.5.4 to process images in child thread and then sent images to main thread for display on qlabel.These images are captured from a network camera.Now I use signals and slots method of Qt to transfer these images ,but it’s too slow and the program interface is not smooth.Is there a better way?

unlikely, that this is the bottleneck

please show, what you are doing, and start profiling your code,
using cv::getTickCount or some monotone clock from std::chrono

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I agree with berak, because I use this method myself without any issues, maybe you cannot capture and decode the images quickly enough in your capture thread? If this is not the case I would try the code in this answer which worked as a starting point for me when streaming from multiple (>10) ip camera’s at once.