How to use OpenCV in Blazor

How do I OpenCV in Blazor (WebAssembly)? I have tried OpenCV.js and OpenCV4Sharp. I am trying to do Detect face using DetectMultiScale but it genates a error that doesn’t tell me what the problem is. Can I use any implementation of OpenCV whether it is OpenCV.js, OpenCV4Sharp or EmguCV within a Blazor WebAssemly app when I need to detect a face?

you’d best ask that people who know what Blazor is and how it works.

OpenCV is a C++ library. It has bindings for Python, which means that the compiled C++ code is called.

The OpenCV.js subproject uses emscripten to compile selected (tested) parts of OpenCV such that they can run in a browser.

there is no official support for C#. all those efforts are third-party bindings, i.e. compiled C++ code is called.