How to use OpenCV with GPU on Colab?

I’m trying to utilize GPU of Colab for quadratic optimization. I followed this link to install the CV2 but after installation completed I couldn’t find any

file, so the cv2 version remained native. Is there any special thing I have to do after installation?

your link is unfortunately behind a paywall.

can you show us the cmake cmdline & (console) output ?

this worked ok for me, a few weeks ago

one of the problems on colab is, that you cannot install python modules persistantly, my current workaround:

  • after building, copy the to some external place (e.g. a google drive)
  • whenever you need it - restart the runtime (so it forgets about preinstalled cpu only 4.1.0)
  • copy your own to your work folder
  • start your python code, and pray, it picks up the local version before the global, preinstalled one
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The latest cv2 version was installed successfully, however after this code block:

!cp -r /content/build/lib “/content/drive/My Drive/cv2_cuda”
!cp /content/build/lib/python3/ “/content/drive/My Drive/cv2_cuda”
!cp -r /usr/include/opencv2 “/content/drive/My Drive/cv2_cuda”

the output is:

cp: cannot stat ‘/content/build/lib/python3/’: No such file or directory

Why it can’t find the

hehe, ran into something similar this morning, – default python was changed recently to 3.7 on colab :wink:

You mean it is possible to utilize GPU on Colab only with the python 3.7? Or it is impossible at all?!))

no, i meant, you probably have to look for:



have a look at your cmake output again, and check python --version

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