I think i have trouble with Raspi cam library RaspiCam_CV:: raspicam_CV()'

So i think i have trouble with library here and i need help as you can see an error and code

here i am showing my custom build cmd

if you’re looking to get support for some kind of raspicam library, or how to wrangle Geany, you’re in the wrong place. this is the OpenCV forum.

“undefined reference” is a generic C++ compiler issue.

Hey I’m doing the exact same program(following a udemy course) and got the exact same error. What is the update and did you solve the error? Please help me how to do it.

again, you’re in the wrong forum.

the error talks about raspicam (all OpenCV stuff seems to have worked). this is not supported here. this is the forum for OpenCV, not raspberry pi or its peripherals.

please seek help on https://forums.raspberrypi.com/ or Issues · cedricve/raspicam · GitHub