Image Extraterrestrial Detection

Can you find the outside of the image?


what is going on here?

I’m trying to find a corner of a square marked in red, but it’s not detectable. Can I help you?

No, I really can’t either. This is as close as I could get - in about 3 minutes of trying…

what is “extraterrestrial” about this?

please show a larger picture. this is obviously a very tight crop of a larger picture.

the bottom left vertical edge will always be difficult because it looks very much like the center texture. try “texture analysis” or “deep” learning. they will have trouble with that but they’re the most promising approaches.

you can try opencv_contrib/ at master · opencv/opencv_contrib · GitHub

you will get lines like below using following params values…

    EDParams.MinPathLength = 100
    EDParams.MinLineLength = 50

detected lines

the next step is up to you …

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