I have to match two images which has same object but different in orientation. cv2.matchTemplate() failed to do this. How to achieve the result?..Any suggestion will be much more helpful.

please show images, at least ;9

Template matching not work properly with different orientations, I can advise several methods for you ;
-You can use like sift, orb methods
-If an object has simple shapes, find contours and compare with reference contours.
-You can try object detection with AI.

actual object:

actual object with different orientation:

defected object:

I have to do object detection first. Then defects have to be identified…

I have tried with ORB method. Can’t get good results… Could you provide source or tutorials for SIFT implementation.

I’m using Augelab Studio. There is a lots of methods with sift.
You can download at .

Tutorials for example : 1 Augelab Studio İlk İnceleme - YouTube