Imencode multipage support

Is there a reason that the imencode multipage support was not implemented/exposed? It looks like the TiffEncoder (which unfortunately is not exposed as a global symbol) has support for writing multiple images to a buffer (or file), but this functionality is not exposed. There is a imdecodemulti but no imencodemulti.

the most likely explanation is that someone wrote just the code that they themselves needed in the moment, made a PR, and that was the end of it.

if you want an imencodemulti(), I’m sure that’ll get merged.

you might wanna start with browsing the issues. maybe someone already asked for it. if not, you should open an issue, so you can briefly describe what you’re about to do. the core devs (all intel/affiliated) will weigh in and guide you towards an acceptable PR.

or you just change the code and make the PR and then they’ll review it and maybe request additional changes.