Imreadmulti error


I am using folloving procedure
imreadmulti(“F:\3D-data\GeoTIFFs\44744.tif”, pages);
And getting following error :
cv::TiffDecoder::readData OpenCV TIFF: TIFFRGBAImageOK: Sorry, can not handle image with PhotometricInterpretation=4

But it gots 1 page correctly.

This tif contains multiply ortofotos and I am using also
for (int i = 0; i < num_bands; ++i)
GDALRasterBand* band = dataset->GetRasterBand(i + 1);
and displaying pixel values of num_bands = 3
and they are RGB values

Why I got this error and what to do for displaying this file



can you post full code using tag </> ?
A link to tiff file is welcome too

please, EXACT errormsg.