In openCV, the inputFrame.rgba().size returns resolution of inputFrame or previewSize of the camera?

Can someone please confirm, in the openCV, the inputFrame.rgba().size() gives the resolution of the inputFrame or the previewSize of the camera?(

I could not find the exact documentation which points out that the rgba().size() returns the maximum resolution for the camera frames! Because in my code I am changing the previewSize of the cameraFrame and after testing that in my logs the inputFrame.rgba().size() was giving me the changed previewSize and not the resolution I have set using setMaxFrameSize()method(

so, here my confusion is with rgba().size, as to why it was returning me the previewSize of the frame instead of giving me the resolution I have set using the setMaxFrameSize (which should be setting the frame size for OpenCV) and the rgba().size() in my logs was supposed to return that resolution I have set?


Thanks a lot for getting back, but, the link you have shared was posted by me in stack overflow seeking help, but I was not able to get the appropriate answer there, so looking to find any solution for the issue in the open CV forum here, can u please help me resolve this issue?

you might want to contact “touchlab”. they know their library. that doesn’t look like an OpenCV issue to me. I can be mistaken.

thanks, But Isn’t the cameraBridgeViewBase is officially part of Android OpenCV SDK code?(GitHub - opencv/opencv: Open Source Computer Vision Library)

you’re right.
but please rather refer to current opencv code than to a confusing 8 year old (!) fork of it

and also:

is this, what you’re seeing ?

[sidenote]: no android docs here

Thanks for getting back,

is this, what you’re seeing ?

yes I think thats what I was seeing, So the device I am using has a 1280x800 screen size and I think thats why it was taking the 1280x720 as the inputFrame resolution?

but when I tried to change the previewSize of the camera screen to something smaller like “720x480” the inputFrame.rgba().size() was giving me that previewSize where It was supposed to give the frameSize I have set using the setMaxFrameSize(3840,2160) (this setMaxFrameSize should give a resolution which is less than or equal to the value I have set I was hoping this could give a value higher than 1280x720 considering the capabilities of the camera of my device?)
More context:
My aim here was to achieve a higher resolution inputFrame as currently my code was giving me a 1280x720 but I have a device which can support higher resolutions as it is having a camera of 13MP.

Hi, @berak
I was blocked on this since a long time!, can you please suggest how I should approach in this case here?