Install OpenCV 4.9 on Raspberry PI 5 - C++ Version only

I would like to install OpenCV 4.9 on a fresh Raspberry PI 5 (8 Gig RAM, 128 Gig storage). I dont need/want any Python, as I code in C++. If needed, I am OK with an older version, like 4.8 as well.
I am looking for a clean-and-proven installation; preferably not building from source.


well, rather prepare to do the latter…
(official, prebuild libs only exist for win32)

what about apt install libopencv? if that’s too stale, go talk to whoever maintains the packages for debian/ubuntu/raspbian. that is beyond the scope of OpenCV.

You code in C++ and yet don’t want to compile from source?

Some docs on installing from source and build script here;