Installing OpenCV with Anaconda

As I need to run my app py in a GPU environment, I have installed in my PC Windows 10, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook 6.4.12 and Python 3.9.15
Tensorflow 2.10.0 works fine with this config. The only problem is that I need to install OpenCV. When I try OpenCV ver 4.6.0, there are a lot (about 1000) inconsistencies and I cannot install. Here are some of my versions:
Python 3.9.15 GPU
NVCUDA64.DLL 12.0.89 driver
Nvidia Driver 526.98
tensorflow 2.10.0
pip 22.3.1
opencv 4.6.0

Can you give any idea, comment, feedback how can install openCV in this environment? Do you recommend to upgrade anything before try again? Thanks for any help

Finally I could fix it by creating a new environment from scratch minimum packages in Anaconda

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