Is it just me, or do most unit tests in current git master fail?

Hi all,

Is it just me, or do most unit tests in current git master fail? Most projects I work with try to keep failures down, so I’m trying to figure out if I’ve complied things in some very strange way, or my platform is not well-supported, or if this is just the actual state of affairs.



fail in which way ?

most unit tests depend on data from opencv_extra
so for a successful test run, you will need to clone that repo, too !

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@berak thanks for your reply.

Picking a random failure:

11: Requested file "./cv/denoising/lena_noised_gaussian_sigma=10.png" does not exist.

I’ve cloned that other repo, and indeed a file with that name is there, so I guess that’s my issue. But how do I point my build of opencv to my opencv_extra folder? I don’t see any variable in cmake to set a path to it.


well the file is there so the problem is on your side

you set an OPENCV_TEST_DATA_PATH environment variable to folder/where/you/put/it/ (the one that contains the testdata folder)

Oh, an environment variable! I looked through all the cmake build options, I looked in the docs here:

But I found nothing.

Where is this OPENCV_TEST_DATA_PATH documented (out of curiosity)?

Anyway, it works now. Instead of all tests failing, only 1 does (opencv_test_photo).