Is it possible to include OpenCV in an Android .aar library so that apps can use the functionality without including OpenCV itself

I am trying to create an Android SDK (.aar file) which includes OpenCV camera functionality. I am able to build my library with no issue but when I try including it a sample app I am not able to build. I am getting the following errors:
Android resource linking failed
AAPT: error: attribute camera_id not found.
AAPT: error: attribute show_fps not found.

The code from the layout file that is included in my library (and not in the sample app) is:

    opencv:show_fps="true" />
Is it even possible to include OpenCV in my library so that I can call into the functionality from the sample app or would OpenCV also have to be included as a dependency in the app itself? Ideally I would like to avoid forcing the customer to install OpenCV in order to use the functionality from my library file. Is there anything that can be done from the library code to avoid having to include it in the app itself? Thanks.