Is there any way to truly resize and fit an image on a different image?

Basically, I’m new to opencv and python. I’ve two images and I want to ‘truly fit’ one image on top of the other image

  1. I want to resize image 2
  2. then paste on image1 (covering each pixel of image1)
  3. Please suggest to me anything to start working on

My Approach-
I was planning to use thresholding of both images and create a binary mask and then I can use OR operator to get the complete binary mask but this way the original image that I was planning to get as output is lost.

you probably did not think this through to the end, as you actually have to fit “a picture of a garment” to “a picture of a human body”.

this will get much more complicated, than you expect now,

here’s the SOTA paper and we even got a sample implementation

Thanks @berak I’ll have a look into it, but the problem I’m working on is not just about the garment, it can be anything like fruits, etc.

that’s too broad

anyway, you have to fit the image content, not the images, so you have to think about, how to isolate that first