Is there the mis-typing for integral image's document?

I’d like to calculate integral image by using the API cv::integral. When I’m trying to understand how the tiled image is calculated, I think there may be something mis-typing in the document. I looked the v4.4.5, and the link of the document is here.

In the text of the screenshot, it uses a Rect(3,3,3,2), but it shows P0 = {4,4} in the left.
While for the right part for the titled image, the P0 equals {1,5}, and it meets the titled rect(5,1,2,3).

So I think that for the left chart, the Rect should be (4, 4, 3, 2).

yeah, probably.

if you want, you could submit a pull request. just change the text here:

Will do it later.