Issue compiling OpenCV 4.6.0 on top of cuda 11.5

CMake Error at (message):
Error generating file

Please post the full output from the CMake configuration stage, see

for an example.

using …
Ubuntu 22.04.1
gcc 11.3.0
cmake 3.22.1
nvidia 525.89.02
cuda 11.5
cudnn 8

(Attachment CMakeLists.txt is missing)

It looks like CUDA 11.5 doesn’t support gcc 11.3.0.

This might not be the reason for your issue but its a good place to start.

Hmm. These are both from the ubuntu repo. Shouldnt these have been verified?

Maybe they have, I’m only going off the docs. That said, and I am probably wrong here but, I can’t see a package manager refusing to install a package because you don’t have the version of gcc it requires, as you may install it at a later date.