Issue with camera accessing time using opencv

I am using logitech c922 pro webcamera and fingers webcamera, While i try to access the both cameras using opencv python , the logitech camera tooks 30 secs to initiate the camera but the fingers camera took only 4 seconds and how can i decrease the large time difference in accessing the webcamera , i need the logitech camera should be accessed soon. Please guide me to solve this issue

If you use windows then you can try :

Microsoft Media Foundation backend tries to use hardware accelerated transformations if possible. Environment flag “OPENCV_VIDEOIO_MSMF_ENABLE_HW_TRANSFORMS” set to 0 disables it and may improve initialization time. More details: MF_READWRITE_ENABLE_HARDWARE_TRANSFORMS attribute (Mfreadwrite.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

DO NOT attach both USB devices to the same USB hub. Yes, your computer contains USB hubs.

and set CAP_PROP_FOURCC to MJPG or something else that’s compressed