Linking issues static library in visual studio


I would like to link the static library of OpenCv 4.6.0. Ihave downloaded the source and was capable with CMake to create the static library (opencv_world460d.lib and opencv_world460.lib). So I have an install folder with a folder include and folder x64/vc17/staticlib with the two lib files. So I asume that is all ok.
I am using visual studio 2022 and first had a MFC dialog application (DLL based).
But since I was not clear were my issues came from I made a simple console application that just displayed a simple image. To check if the was ok I first also build a DLL library from the same source to be sure that was all ok. Than went back to the static library.
I made the required changes in the properties: VC++ directories: the path to the “static” include files, Linker->General-> additional Library directories: the path to the static libraries,
Linker->input->additional Dependencies (here debug and release resp: opencv_world460d.lib and opencv_world460.lib). And last one C/C+±>code generation set to (debug resp release) /MTd and /MT.
When I build the project I get 355 errors.

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol opj_image_destroy referenced in function "public: void __cdecl cv::detail::OpjImageDeleter::operator()(struct opj_image *)const " (??ROpjImageDeleter@detail@cv@@QEBAXPEAUopj_image@@@Z), File C:\Users\rened\source\repos\TestOpeCvStaticLibr\TestOpeCvStaticLibr\opencv_world460d.lib(loadsave.obj)

This error is than follwed by:

LNK2001: unresolved external symbol opj_image_destroy, File C:\Users\rened\source\repos\TestOpeCvStaticLibr\TestOpeCvStaticLibr\opencv_world460d.lib(grfmt_jpeg2000_openjpeg.obj)

Any one an idea what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

I have includded all .lib files and now it seems to be ok. Only using the opencv_world460(d).lib was probaly not enough.