LNK 2019 error (OPencv 4.6.0)

I have built the opencv 4.6.0 from the source code with cuda dnn support.

I am getting these errors on compiling the project.

|Fehler|LNK2019|Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol public: void __cdecl cv::Mat::copyTo(class cv::debug_build_guard::_OutputArray const &)const (?copyTo@Mat@cv@@QEBAXAEBV_OutputArray@debug_build_guard@2@@Z) in Funktion public: __cdecl cv::Mat::Mat<double,2,3>(class cv::Matx<double,2,3> const &,bool) (??$?0N$01$02@Mat@cv@@QEAA@AEBV?$Matx@N$01$02@1@_N@Z).|E:\FFTAI\ai-plugin\out\build\x64-Release\ai-plugin|E:\FFTAI\ai-plugin\out\build\x64-Release\api.cpp.obj|1||

you’re trying to link release libs to a debug build.

These were my cmake settings
with_cuda : True
cmake_configuration_type : Release

That means I am using release configuration from opencv and also release configuration from my code as you can see here.

Can you again explain what exactly you meant here. I didnt catch you completely.

i cant see anything on your box, dear :slight_smile:

means, it expects the DEBUG version of the resp. library