Locating objects in FOV of an image using GPS only

Is it possible to locate objects in an image in the global reference frame (e.g. ECEF) using only a GPS (offset from the camera) ? The problem I see is that in order to take into account the offset distance between GPS antenna phase center, an IMU integrated with the GPS is necessary to compute the platform (Camera + GPS) rotation with respect to the NED/ENU frame. This will allow the use of collinearity equation to compute the location of the object in FOV in ECEF.

The question I have, because the platform does not have an IMU, only the GPS, I wanted to see if it’s possible to compute object location in ECEF only from the GPS of the platform. It is possible if one assumes the camera projection center is collocated with an antenna, but that is not the case, the offset distance does affect the estimation of the object location in global reference frame

Any ideas ?!

I don’t really see the link with OpenCV. Maybe you should check a GIS forum.

Anyway, I’m not an expert in this thing, but to geolocate an object, I would rather go with a UTM coordinate system…the rest should be simple trigonometry (taking into account the camera FOV, orientation and pixel position)