Lot's of errors when building with visual studio 2005


We have a legacy windows application and we want to integrate OpenCV in it.
So I downloaded opencv: version: 3.1.0.
Also downloaded cmake: 3.11.4 (Which is the latest version that supports visual studio 2005 generator)

And generated .sln file with:
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 8 2005" ..

And opened .sln file in visual studio 2005 and hit build button. But i got lots of errors:

Any idea?

I disabled SSE:
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 8 2005" -DENABLE_SSE=OFF -DENABLE_SSE2=OFF -DENABLE_SSE3=OFF ..

But got another types of errors:

good luck building a 5 years old codebase with a 16 years old compiler …

maybe at least the 3.1 release has working binaries for you
(so you can skip some of the trouble, building from src) …

Thanks for reply.

I checked the 3.1 release binary. it has only vc9 and vc12 in x86 form.

Do you have any idea how can i fix the errors?

no real idea, sorry.

however, clean your build folder, when applying major cmake changes (like disabling SSE)