MatchTemplate in Perl 5.32 on Windows

I have downloaded the Opencv 4.8.0 pre-built binaries and set the location of the binaries path in ‘PATH’ environment . When installing the CPAN Cv module I get error 'Can’t link/include C library ‘opencv_core’.
I don’t find any such library with that name in pre-built binaries.
Need help with this. Is there any other Perl binding that uses OpenCV I can install?

the prebuild libs do not contain ‘single module’ libs (like opencv_core, opencv_highgui), but a combined ‘opencv_world.lib’
they also do not have any C function (like cvLoadImage()) signatures any more (removed a decade ago),
so that cpan perl module requiring them might be out of date.

please also see related:

Berak ,
Thank you so much for immediate response.
My requirement is to use OpenCV to MatchTemplate ( find a template image in larger image ), and I need to accomplish this in Perl 5.32 (Strawberry Perl) on Windows.
Do you suggest any Perl module that works with latest version of OpenCV (4.8.0). Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

i cannot.
there is no official perl binding, and there wont ever be one.

please, again look at the other post mentioned above, it mentions other cpan modules, sort by date & discard anything older than 2 yrs.

wouldn’t it be far easier to learn a few lines of python for this ?