Mingw build procedure entry point not found in libopencv_imgcodecs452.dll

Hello! I’ve been trying to run openCV with mingw on a pre-AVX system for the longest time, and tried so many pre-existing builds and compiling on my own.
I’ve basically tried 70%+ of the versions between 4.1.1 and 4.5.4, and none of them have worked.
It compiles, it compiles the code, but whenever I run the executable, it just says procedure entry point not found in the dynamic link library libopencv_imgcodecs452.dll.
Normal C++ code without running opencv works, so I’m certain my mingw is functioning.
Is there any reason for this to be happening?
Thanks! I’m pretty sure this is a issue with opencv pre-AVX, but the github ppl refused to accept it as an issue lmao

you likely have to build from src, excluding AVX extensions

last I noticed, AVX was in the runtime dispatch set, not the base set, so it shouldn’t matter.

the error message implies that the DLL is fundamentally broken (no entry point???).

try to reproduce this on a system WITH AVX that is otherwise identical in setup (same mingw). then you know it’s not AVX. I don’t know why you’d conclude that to begin with.

my bet is on mingw being broken or the environment being broken, oder something other than mingw being involved.

there is no evidence either way so it’s all hearsay and speculation. objection!

Yeah, confirmed not to be an issue with AVX. Built it myself though and still doesn’t work, simply the imgcodecs452.dll seems to be broken. No idea why. Will attempt 4.5.4 again, and hope it works.

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