Modify opencv cvtColor method

first i am sorry if my request is stubied, i want to modify cvtHSVtoBGR method for float and uchar, i download opencv source code latest version, and modified those files in imgproc module, color_hsv.simd.hpp, in folder opencl, i did the modification for float type and uchar type by making alpha value is 0 rather than max value, then built the library for android platform and used it in android native c++ by cv::cvtColor(args) and check 4th channel but nothing changes the alpha value still max value. so i want to know is there other files should be changed? what i am doing wrong?
thanks for your effort in advance

OpenCL is likely not available on Android

I try to modify it everywhere to make sure, but nothing affect the result

please explain, WHY you want such a modification
(and why you think, it’s better in the library instead of in your user code)

again, if it’s about alpha, how do you expect a hsv image to have a valid alpha channel ?

Thanks for your effort, but the problem solved :sweat_smile:, i have hsv and i want to convert it to android bitmap in one step rather than to rgb, then argb as i thought android bitmap store alpha as first channel but i discovered it stored alpha as last channel same as opencv.
Thanks again