MultiTracker vs legacy Multitracker

Does anyone know if the legacy Multracker and Multracker_Alt will ever be moved to the current tracking.hpp in order to use the current tracking.hpp TrackerGOTURN?

my 2 ct.: write your own multitracker.

(the legacy one is just a shallow wrapper around vector<Tracker> , and has a lot of flaws, e.g. you never know which update() failed, no way to remove trackers, etc)

I haven’t had time to look at the code in the MultiTracker but what do you think is the benifit of a MultiTracker over two or three independent trackers with the independent update tracker1, update tracker2, etc?


with the legacy interface, if one tracker fails, you have to destroy & rebuild the whole Multitracker. most ppl whished to have more fine grained control here