My c++ program can't executed on other no opencv installed machine?Could please do me a favor?

Patter:x64 Release
My c++ program made by VS2019 can excute normally on my laptop which is installed opencv.I‘ve packaged all needed DLL,but my program can’t excuted on my desktop which isn’t installed opencv.

not enough information here to help you.

what exactly are you redistributing ? what is missing ? any errors ?

Use depends.exe or similar to finds out what your program requires. You may need to copy several VS runtime libraries too.

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The application can’t executed properly, error:(0xc000007b)

Could you please tell me how do you usually config your VS2019 project to make your OpenCV application transplantable?


are you mixing 32 and 64 bit?

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Maybe I mixed 32 and 64 bit unconciously,follow this train of thought,could please tell me how to modify my IDE configuration or do sth else?
The release platform is x64,and my testing machine is also x64 os,
I am just a beginner,unlucklily I may misunderstand what you mean.

it may be something else. that’s just the most common cause I found on the internet.

you should dig some more on the internet for that result value and its name.