Need help with ANPR Solution!

Hello Team,

I am working on developing an ANPR(Automatic Number-plate Recognition system) solution. The Yolo V8 model is giving me an accuracy of 97% in detecting the number-plate. But the OCR models (EasyOCR, PaddleOCR) are not giving me a good accuracy in recognizing the number-plate. I am planning to custom train the Tessearct OCR 5 for number-plates, but its Cumbersome. Can someone help me with some good ideas and approach for OCR??

Maybe using Pytesseract will be better than the OCR-based solutions (Easy, Paddle, etc). At least it will be faster.

it’s all OCR. all of it can be trained.

tesseract is generally lagging behind the state of the art and the competition (easyocr, paddle, …). at least, I judge that by how successful people are with anything non-trivial they need to read.