Newbie cv2 4.1.1 Python - how to get Scalar color?

I’m trying to draw a rectangle on an image using a tuple for color, which is what I see in all of the examples (0, 255, 0). The error I get says TypeError: an integer is required (got type tuple). I can draw a line just fine with a tuple for color, so I’m confused.

def annotateImage(cudaImage, detections):
    # cv2
    array = jetson.utils.cudaToNumpy(cudaImage)
    cv2.cvtColor(array, cv2.COLOR_RGB2BGR)
    color = (0, 255, 0)
    thickness = 2
    for detection in detections:
      topLeft = (detection.Left, detection.Top)
      bottomRight = (detection.Right, detection.Bottom)
      cv2.rectangle(array, topLeft, bottomRight, color, thickness)
    cv2.cvtColor(array, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
    return jetson.utils.cudaFromNumpy(array)

Thanks for any help.

Looks like I was way off base. I needed to cast the coordinates to int.