Not able to access 1, col: 2)

Hello Team,
I am using opencv (version 4.6.0)in iOS Project. but while executing

let abc = 1, col: 2)

I am getting 'Generic parameter 'N' could not be inferred' error

If I use

let abc =<Float>(row: 1, col: 2)

Then I am getting 'Cannot specialize a non-generic definition'

can you please help me

just curious, which language is that, even ?

is that a compile or a runtime error ?

can you show, how you initialize that Mat ?

Hi Berak,
thank you so much for your reply.

I am using swift language.
initialzation is

let mat = MatOfFloat()
Calib3d.Rodrigues(src: rotationVec, dst: mat)

and it is compile time error