Opencv 4.9.0 - ONNX file cannot be loaded


I downloaded OpenCV 4.9.0 and also the corresponding contribution file.
With cmake and my GCC 10.2.0 compiler suite (from winlibs) I compiled all modules without any problem.

Inside samples directory of this release I found the face_detect.cpp example which will load a yunet-onnx file.
As given inside this sample, I tried to download file: face_detection_yunet_2021dec.onnx
But I found only file: face_detection_yunet_2023dec.onnx

The sample compiled without errors inside CodeBlocks.
My problem now is that the instruction:
Ptr detector = FaceDetectorYN::create(fd_modelPath, “”, Size(320, 320), scoreThreshold, nmsThreshold, topK);
(all parameters are as given in the sample file)
does not load the existing *.onnx file, but throws an exception.

What could cause this problem?
What did I wrong when I built OpenCV?

I tried to find another *.onnx file within the opencv-zoo. But all files I tried did not load.

Can someone point me to the right direction to make the sample working.
Thanks in advance

No code no help!

No data no help. where is face_detection_yunet_2023dec.onnx? I can only found face_detection_yunet_2023mar.onnx

Exception which one?

and this is working
x = cv.dnn.readNet("face_detection_yunet_2023mar.onnx")


thanks for your quick replay

This question/comment brought us to the right direction.
We had a building problem: library protbuf was missing.

So the problem was sitting in front of the screen.
Thanks again and
best regards