Opencv:abs_max < threshold in function 'cv::fisheye::stereoCalibrate'

when I use cv2.fisheye.stereoCalibrate to calibrate fisheye camera ,I met a problem.

rms, K_left, D_left, K_right, D_right, rvecs, tvecs = \
    cv2.fisheye.stereoCalibrate(objPoints, imgPointsLeft, imgPointsRight, K_left, D_left, K_right, D_right, imgShape,
                                tvecs, flags=calibration_flags, criteria=criteria)
cv2.error: OpenCV(4.5.4) D:\a\opencv-python\opencv-python\opencv\modules\calib3d\src\fisheye.cpp:1051: error: (-215:Assertion failed) abs_max < threshold in function 'cv::fisheye::stereoCalibrate'

I solve the problem by deleting some images ,but it is not convenient to filter the images individually.Is there any other way to find these images